Meet us at Medica 2021

Are you working with prevention of infections, are you looking for new chemical free disinfection solutions or are you interested in getting an insight in UVC disinfection solutions? No matter what drives you, we are happy to we invite you to visit us on our booth at Medica 2021. You will find us in Hall […]

Sterilization of the air reduces the risk of covid-19

Studies show that removal airborne aerosols is done effectively by combining UVC light and air filtration, thus reducing the risk of Covid-19. In our UVC Air Sterilizer we combine UVC light with titanium dioxide, Hepa 14 filter and active carbon. This combination is sterilizing the air and may lead to reduction of the risk of […]

Treffen Sie uns auf der Indoor-Air Messe in Frankfurt am Main zwischen dem 05.09-07.09.2021

UVC Air Sterilizer in reception area

Das wachsende Bedürfnis nach einer sichereren Umwelt steht im Fokus der Messe Indoor-Air in Frankfurt.  Sie finden uns auf der Messe in der  Halle 12.0  Stand A75, wo wir  verschiedene Modelle unserer UV-C-Luftreiniger ausstellen. Unsere UV-C-Luftreiniger reduzieren die Anzahl der KBE’s( Kolonie bildende einheitem) in der Luft um bis zu 80 Prozent und sorgen so […]

Meet us at the Indoor-Air trade fair in Frankfurt

UVC Air Sterilizer

The growing need for a safer environment is in focus at the Indoor-Air trade fair in Frankfurt. We will be present at booth A75, Hall 12.0 where you can see a variety of our UVC Air Sterilizers. Our UVC Air Sterilizers reduces the number of CFUs in the air with up till 80 percentage thus, […]

New Partner in Turkey

We have just entered an agreement with Bella Group Limited who will be our partner in Turkey. Bella Group will be responsible for sale, after-sale service and maintenance of our high-end UVC disinfection products. Please feel free to contact Bella Group at: Telephone: +90 (0) 212 813 32 48 Mail: 

Visit us at Arab Health Dubai

Dolphin Care and their local partner in the Arab Emirates will be attending Arab Health. You will find us across the Danish pavilion in booth S1.F02.

Dolphin Care Air Sterilizer approved by Hong Kong authorities

UVC Air Sterilizer in reception area

The Dolphin Care Air Sterilizers are officially approved by the Hong Kong authorities. For safety reasons the government in Hong Kong has decided that it is mandatory for all restaurant to have an air purifying technology which includes both HEPA-filter and UVC-light. Thanks to a successful effort by our sole agent in Hong Kong – […]

UVC irradiation has shown high efficacy against SARS-CoV-2

Studies have shown that the SARS-CoV-2 leading to Covid-19 can remain on surfaces for days and thereby leading to transmission of the disease among patients, their relatives and health-care personal. A newly published study shows that UVC irradiation is highly efficient in reduction of viable virus of SARS-CoV-2 and that the UV-disinfection technique could be […]

China – an important market with great opportunities

Dolphin Care considers Greater China as a strategic market with a huge potential and opportunities. Like all over the world there is an increasing focus on securing a safer and healthier environment in all sectors – from schools to nursing homes, from restaurants to clinics. We therefore have the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Lukas Owtscharenko […]