Dolphin Care UVC Air Sterilizer

Significant reduction of CFU, allergens and odor

Sterilized air

a safer and more pleasant environment

In all sectors there is an increased focus on reduction of microorganisms in the indoor environment, limiting of spread of viruses and infections and in general securing a safer indoor climate.

Different methods are used for air cleaning. The most common method is a simple ventilation and filtration of the air through a HEPA filter to remove the microorganisms. But the pores in HEPA filters are too large to effectively trap viruses. Other air cleaning systems use ozone to eliminate microorganisms, but gaining sufficient concentrations of ozone to kill microorganisms can be toxic for the people using the room.

In the Dolphin Care UVC Air Sterilizer we combine UVC light, a titanium dioxide-coated filter, an activated carbon filter, and a HEPA14 filter, thereby significantly reducing the presence of microorganisms and bad odor in indoor environments.

A safer environment

The four phase process secures that the RNA/DNA from virus and bacteria are reduced, that allergens and spores are eliminated and that bad odor is limited.

Documented efficacy

The UVC Air Sterilizer has been tested in a clinical environment, meeting room, and elementary school. All tests were performed by Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet and showed a significant reduction of CFU.

Danish design

The UVC Air Sterilizer is developed and designed in Denmark. The design of the unit fits naturally into all interior spaces and the noise filter reduces the sound of the process, despite the UVC Air Sterilizer’s large capacity.

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Significant reduction of microorganisms

Duration: 1.49 min

The UVC Air Sterilizer combines UVC light, titanium dioxide, HEPA14 filter, and active carbon. The result is a safer and more pleasant environment with sterilized air. The process destroys the DNA and RNA of bacteria, fungi, and viruses and limits bad odor.

Use of the unit is simple.  Plug it in, and turn it on.  That’s it.  Continuous use ensures that airborne germs are minimized. 

Four phase sterilizing process

The air is drawn in from the bottom of the unit and irradiated with UVC light, which destroys the DNA/RNA of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Next the air passes through a titanium dioxide-coated filter. Strong oxidizing hydroxyl radicals are formed and destroy the cell walls of the bacteria and viruses.

After that the air passes through an activated carbon filter that absorbs odors and other particulate pollutants.

Finally the air passes through a pleated HEPA14 filter which captures 99.995% of airborne particles as small as 0,16 micrometers in diameter, including bacteria and viruses.

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