UVC Water Trap Disinfector

Effective reduction of bacteria from wastewater in wash basins

UVC Water Trap Disinfector

– Preventing spread of multi-resistant bacteria

In health care facilities, the effort to prevent hospital-acquired infections is always evolving.  But there is one spot that is almost always overlooked: the water trap.

The problem is well known in the literature – see below under links. 

So far there has not been any solution to eliminate the appearance of CFUs in the water trap of sinks. This have resulted in various outbreaks of Hospital Acquired Infections all over the world.

The Dolphin Care UVC Water Trap Disinfector uses UVC-light in combination with chrome polishing of the pipe and the result is significant reduction of the CFU – 3-6 log10* –  in the wastewater.

Using Dolphin Care Water Trap Disinfector may prevent spread of bacteria causing Hospital Acquired Infections.

*Source:  Scientific poster report issued by Department of Microbiology, Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Denmark 

Easy to install and maintain

The UVC Water Trap Disinfector is delivered with a range of fittings to cover local standards. Add a spoonful of citric acid to the drain once a month. This will keep the nano-coating of the lamp free of limescale.

Documented efficacy issued by 3rd party

The clinical test reports developed by Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet document a significant reduction of the CFU – 3-6 log10* - in the wastewater

A cost-effective solution

The water trap may prevent the spread of multi-resistant water bacteria, thus preventing outbreaks of HAI. Preventing an outbreak of HAI will not only be cost-efficient but also safeguards patients’ health.

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UVC light decontaminates water traps

Duration: 1.14 min

Using ultraviolet light, the Dolphin Care water trap can sanitize itself, killing more than 99.9% of bacteria present.

Watch the video and see how this innovative solution supports the safeguarding of your patients.

Efficient to prevent HAI outbreaks

The following hospitalized immunosuppressed patients may be at a high risk for bacterial  infection spread from biofilms in water traps:

  • Department for burned patients
  • Department for neonates
  • Intensive care units – patients on ventilators
  • Department for neutropenic patients

Decontamination of water traps

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