By sterilizing the air, we create a safer and more pleasant environment for your guests and for your staff

Dolphin Care UVC Disinfection products

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A safe and pleasant environment

The need for a safe environment with fewer microorganisms, viruses, allergens, and spores is increasing.

By sterilizing the air, you show your customers that you care for their health and safeguard their well being.

The Dolphin Care UVC Room Disinfector eliminates viruses and bacteria on all surfaces and is easy and fast to use in connection with cleaning of hotel rooms and toilets.


In our UVC Air Sterilizer the air is irradiated by UVC light with a wavelength of 254 nm and an intensity of 392 µW/cm² which destroys DNA/RNA from microorganisms in the air.

The titanium dioxide coated filter together with the UVC light secures that the cell walls of microorganisms are destroyed, despite the huge volume of air passing through in a very high speed.

The air continues through an activated carbon filter that absorbs odors and other particulate pollutants.

Finally, the air passes through a large volume of HEPA H14 filter, which removes 99,995 % of all particles larger than 0.3 µm.

This results in a cleaner room with less bacteria and allergens in the air.

Our UVC products for hotels and restaurants

Tested in clinical environment

The Dolphin Care UVC products have a documented efficacy with significant reduction of microorganisms, viruses and spores.

Easy and safe to use

Our UVC products have been developed in close cooperation with the users. Based on their input we have developed products that are safe and easy to operate.

Danish design and innovation

The Dolphin Care UVC products are developed and designed in Denmark. The UVC Air Sterilizer has a neat design which can be easily integrated with all interiors.

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