By sterilizing the air we create a safer and more pleasant environment for the children and for the staff

Sterilized air and reduced odor

Where people are gathered – the risk of spreading virus and infections is increasing.

The need for a safe environment with less microorganisms, virus, allergens and molds is increasing these years.

By sterilizing the air, you show your customers that you care for their health and safeguard their well-being.

The Dolphin Care UVC Air Sterilizer is developed in four sizes and is delivered with a capacity that fits your location.

Our product for schools and daycares

UVC Air Sterilizer

The Dolphin Care UVC Air Sterilizer is used for sterilizing the air inside.

The device is equipped with UVC-lamps, which destroys the RNA/DNA from bacteria, fungus, and virus.

The combination of filters reduces the airborne CFUs down to a size of 0,2 µm with 99,995 percentage and eliminate bad odor.

The UVC Air Sterilizer is delivered in several of models – a small model for room up till 80 m3, a large model for rooms up till 160 m3, a model for larger locations such as hotel lobbies, offices and class rooms. And an industrial wall hanging model.

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Tested in clinical environment

The Dolphin Air Sterilizer has a documented efficacy with significant reduction of microorganisms, viruses and spores.

High capacity
4 phase filter process

The Dolphin Air Sterilizer is produced in diffrrent sizes that fits your needs. All of them are delivered with a day/night-mode.

Danish design and innovation

The Dolphin Care Air Sterilizer is developed and designed in Denmark. The product has a neat design which can blend in all interiors.

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Please feel free to contact us if you would like to have a presentation of our UVC high-end disinfection solutions.